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Business Coaching Testimonials

Amazing timing and coincidence. I had a very important interview this morning, for admission to business school. I used your techniques to relax, slip between my thoughts and get in the moment. I was actually jumping up and down and making random noises in the parking structure. They really helped me use my nervous energy positively. I also mentioned in the interview my experiences in your acting classes, and I think that really helped me stand out.

Thank you!


Hi Kay:

I wanted to, again, thank you.  Acting classes you teach make a difference!


Yesterday, when sitting on stage in a "Charlie Rose" type setting at a business conference I had fun, and hopefully accomplished what I was invited there to do.  The audience was predominantly men in their late 40's and 50's, about 150 of them.  I was the interviewee.   I kept the audience from texting; no observed heads lowered, and even managed to see some nodding and created a few chuckles from a line delivered to generate empathy.  I couldn't help but recall the role you cast me in for one of our classes as the attorney with the brief case!  Rehearsing the lines I had crafted in advance, remembering to breathe and being conscious of the 4th wall were integral to the "performance". And, I managed not to stumble at the "end of the scene" when stepping down the two steps from the stage wearing rather high heels.


Felt like it went well and was encouraged by responses from the guys in charge.


Couldn't, could not, have done it without you!


Many, many thanks!  What can I do for you?


Judith C. Colvin
Senior Vice President-Investments
Wealth Advisor
Advisory & Brokerage Services

Hi Kay:

I just got done with my first week of my MBA program this past week and wanted to share a few of the techniques we have worked on in both your classes that I saw being used in our

Effective Management, Communication & Action class.

Kay, we used your grounding and being in the moment exercises. We talked about using the little string holding us up and stretching our face muscles.

It was great to see the class get soo engaged, energized and excited. It was also great to see our class techniques being employed outside of our acting and improv classes. I also am so grateful to have taken your classes and met you. I know you played a role in helping me work on reconnecting with myself and choosing to have the strength to make this transition in my career and life. I know I still have a lot of work to do from getting out of my head and not over thinking things. Just wanted to say thanks again.


Dilnaz Todiwala